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R4i Gold

When it comes to portable gaming devices, nothing beats the Nintendo DS line. Having sold more consoles then any other company in the market, the Nintendo DS combines playability with customization to create a unique experience for every user. From a wide selection of games to a unique array of utilities, the Nintendo DS has something for everyone.

However, with just a little work and the right technology, the Nintendo DS can do much more. Lets take a look at the R4i Gold card, and see what it has done to increase the playability of the Nintendo DS. In addition, we will look at some of the later versions of the R4i Gold line, to see which ones will work for you.

The R4i Gold Card

Since the Nintendo DS released the first model, there has been some version of the R4i card. The card works by fitting in the same slot as a video game cartridge. Instead of being a game however, it is a storage device that allows users to install a range of different uses. Some of the installations on an R4i card change how the DS operates, while others store large quantities of games, music, and more. In the end, what the R4i card does is provide you the user with increased functionality.

The R4i Gold card came out some time after the original R4i card. It had increased usability, including an easier to navigate system for installing and using, additional save features, and much, much more. As a result of the increased usability, the R4i card was slowly discontinued.

The R4i Gold card would eventually go in the same direction, with the initial creators opting to no longer supply updates to the card that were in line with various firmware updates Nintendo released for the DS. As a result, the R4i Gold is considered outdated.


The R4i Gold was replaced by a number of newer cards that work with both 3DS and regular versions of the Nintendo DS. The R4i Gold Pro was the first to come out of this, though it was recently discontinued as well. There is a line of R4i Gold 3DS cards for the Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, DSi, XL, DSi, and the DS. As a result, despite the fact that the original R4i Gold card stopped being useful years ago, these later incarnations means that you can still get the same great product.

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Useful Information On Acquiring Nintendo Console

Which Nintendo gaming console should you obtain? Nintendo 3DS clan is undoubtedly displayed by five diverse models – that’s the reason it is difficult to choose what is most effective for you. We’ll check out the particular possibilities which are available that you should select. You can find, naturally, first types of 3DS and also 3DS XL. Yet we cannot disregard the Nintendo 2DS.
3DS possesses a few advantages that are highly obvious. Those incorporate better processor, larger sized display screen and, not surprisingly, three dimensional modern technology. We will lead you through the buying approach regarding the actual 3DS clan, together with a couple of thoughts to aid determine which one would be right for you.
We have to point out the fact that 2DS versions are actually less expensive than 3DS. In case you’re pondering just what is the factor regarding 2DS currently being less costly – this happens because the displays are actually solely component of one particular screen. This display screen is actually separated into two parts by means of plastic material display. That’s the reason it is a whole lot easier to make Nintendo 2DS when contrasting it together with 3DS and also it has a sizable influence on cost.
3DS has Three-dimensional display screen, just like the title indicates, we cannot say the exact same concerning 2DS. It really is an additional element which drastically decreases the production fees of that lower-end games system. You can pick the effectiveness of 3 dimensional effect through the use of tiny sliders along the side of the screen which 3DS possesses. It’s also possible to fully turn off this characteristic if you want to.
The sort of three-dimensional found in these types of games consoles is known as autostereoscopic 3D. Glasses are certainly not necessary for this 3D technology. You only need to keep your head still. The good reason why 2DS is really so critical is that 3 dimensional sometimes causes soreness as well as head pain.
Your own movements are traced by the console with the aid of cameras that happen to be right in front of the gaming console. Nintendo only not too long ago started making use of this specific modern technology. True 3 dimensional perspective is experienced due to the fact 3 dimensional effect is undoubtedly modified depending on your movements. Super Stable 3D – that is just how this particular modern technology is named.
3D effect is excellent within the most recent types. Generally there are various reasons due to this. It is not only far more reliable, additionally, it offers a much better color duplication.
If you happen to be afraid that generally there will undoubtedly be problems when taking part in games using 2DS – there’s no need to become concerned. Gone will be the problems whenever playing any video game – it’s no distinction if you use 3DS or 2DS.
Wondering why? Each and every 3DS game possesses a choice for 3D but it’s not a must – just about all video games consoles use the same form of processor chip and also sensors. They can all carry out the identical thing, approximately. On the other hand, you should consider the fact that the particular 3DS features enhanced processor, that speeds up the loading time regarding game titles, download rates of speed and also general menu navigation.
A wise buy for a more youthful game player that does not mind about 3D could well be 2DS. Generally there are also less components that may split therefore the longevity of 2DS is better. If perhaps you are a more experienced gamer – 3DS can be a better option.

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